NFL Pool

This is NOT a fantasy league. All you have to do is send the entry fee and then you will get money back when/if you win.
You don't have to make trades or log onto the computer at all. Easy. Here are the details...

Entry Fee: $17 ($18 if you pay by paypal.)
Entry deadline: Now! -- Enter now so you don't forget!!!
Only a total of 32 entries allowed.
How it works: Each week, $1 from the $17 from each person goes into the pot. Each week, everyone is assigned a random team.

If your team scores excatly 26 points (no more no less) then you win the pot.
If no one wins (meaning no team scores exactly 26 points) then the pot carries over to the following week.
Multiple winners in the same week will split the pot.

Any money left over at the end of the season will be split among all the previous winners.
If no one wins any week, everyone gets their money back (less the $1 for paypal.)
NOTE: Everyone will have one bye week.
How to enter: E-mail me that you want a spot and send me $17 (or $18 via paypal) dollars.
How to pay:
  • Mail a $17 check to "7862 St Charles St N, Keizer, OR 97303"
  • Pay me cash when/if you see me
  • Tell me you want to pay through Chase and I will send you an e-mail request for $17
  • Use PayPal (Make a Donation button below) and make a $18 donation
  • Call me and make other arrangements (503-334-3195)
Get Your Money: This year, rather than sending out a bunch of little checks each week, I will send out checks at the end of the season.
Be sure I have your mailing address as I will be sending checks via mail.
Checks will come from CapitalOne bank bill-pay, so watch for CaptialOne mail if you are expecting winnings.

Thanks & Good Luck!